Waves That Rolled You Under by Young Summer


I feel as if I have just found a treasure when I come across great music and thankfully this is happening a lot lately, giving me enough motive and setting the grounds to write more, to cover more of these unknown, underrated musicians. I will be covering all of them – hopefully – in the following days (so stay tuned). Today’s post will be about a tune from Bobbie Allen, who goes by her stage name Young Summer, and it is worth mentioning that she has collaborated with the highly talented Trent Dabbs on this one.


The artist I am covering has something around 6,500 fans on Facebook worldwide at this very moment that I am writing these lines, so let us get down to some details and perhaps give ‘em one more fan. Allen, as you will hear below, has a wonderful and talented voice, but it was not her mere talent but also hard work that made her. It is public knowledge that she is inspired by a number of artists including Michael Jackson, whose album titled “Off The Wall” supposedly gets broken in a cassette player by her at the age of 5 (most probably as a result of listening over and over). We also learn from the SXSW website that her talent did not go unnoticed by one of her teachers at an early phase of her life as an enabler to focus on making music professionally.

Allen and Dabbs performing "Waves That Rolled You Under"

Allen and Dabbs performing “Waves That Rolled You Under”

That is basically how she got to meet Trent Dabbs in a music festival in 2011 where the two developed a good friendship as well as the collaborative work of “Fever Dream” EP that soon followed. It is also worthy of mention that Dabbs is a highly talented and productive musician, having released a total of 8 albums since 2004 and his songs made it into various popular TV series including Gray’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill, and this number does not even include his collaborative efforts under Ten Out of Tenn – a collective of musicians from Nashville which he is a part of. Hence it becomes very clear, also after being all ears to this track, that the resulting song is probably the best one among others proving that union is indeed strength. This will probably be the case for the near future, as the two share the same record label “Ready Set Records” – probably a good hotspot for experience sharing for Dabbs and his colleagues.

left to right: Gen. (Ret) John Allen, Kathy Allen, Bobbie Allen

left to right: Gen. (Ret) John Allen, Kathy Allen, Bobbie Allen

To say that she was probably frustrated by what followed afterwards would be an understatement. The Allen family came under scrutiny by the media in the series of events known as the Petraeus scandal, in which it was discovered that General John Allen, the father of Bobbie Allen had been exchanging “inappropriate” messages with Jill Kelley, a Florida socialite and a friend of General Allen and Petraeus. The investigation resulted in Petraeus resigning from his post and General Allen getting cleared of all allegations.

It is too early to predict a worldwide fame for her extremely flexible, dreamy, tender and equally powerful voice, however having been active since 2012 she has released one EP and a couple of singles including the amazing Taken already. Besides, her cover song of The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” made it to Gray’s Anatomy as a soundtrack. Having said all that, the fans will be expecting a full length album soon. At this point, Allen relieves us by promising a full album coming out this spring. Perhaps she will go solo on this, perhaps collaborating yet again (this seems to be the case) which apparently proved useful before, so just why not.


Allen “back in the saddle”

According to the American Songwriter website, she has written Waves That Rolled You Under with Dabbs “about missing someone and everything those feelings evoke”. As she calls it, “it all comes from a very sincere and honest place” and I tend to agree with it. “Don’t be so scared of the things you love” it says, as the most striking line. I gotta write that down somewhere in my mind.

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Frankie_Rose_biltmoreThis post will cover a genre that is widely extinct today, thus I am going to count on the imagination skills of the prudent reader in this effort of describing a good old music style – a dreamy tune from beginning to the end, yet very close to alternative rock. The vocals, that of 80s and 90s synthpop, kind of sound like Shiny Toy Guns, yet the style is not that energetic. I am hereby introducing Frankie Rose, an American singer who took part in various bands before going solo.

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†elepa†hy by Crosses + Album Review

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_crossesweb_crossRight, such a terrifying image had to welcome you – it is Crosses again as you might have guessed. I have written about them previously here, introducing Bermuda Locket as one of their promising songs for the upcoming debut album. Well – technically speaking, it’s not gonna be their debut album, but the releases back in February 2011 and January 2012 were only EPs, thus it is suitable to call this one a proper, first, full-length album of theirs.

131105-crosses-bitches-brewMoreno and his peeps have been working on their upcoming album since then, and luckily he let his fans taste the sounds they have been making on their Soundcloud feed prior to the official release. The new album, namely ††† or Crosses, have 15 tracks including Bermuda Locket, my favorite – well, perhaps my previous favorite now.

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Thinking of You by The Night VI

safe_imageYeah. One does not quit his passion after a fraction of time, that I know, but maybe it is part of our faulty humanic system? Gotta believe in that. Now, as the song says between the lines, “I’ve been laying low” for some time but finally here it is, a delicate, touching, emotional, felicitous set of letters that are turning my complex thoughts into simple blog posts encoded in songs. Well. Today’s guest is the distinguished The Night VI, supposedly an “Anglo-French” band namely Sophie Rose (vocals), Anna (harp), Bogart (bass), Jack (lead guitar), Kristy (keyboards) and Bo (drums), with their sort of masterpiece (yeah, couldn’t think of any other word here) “Thinking of You” that is sure to take you away like a darkening leaf on a melancholic night of autumn, trying to find its holy ground to decay at peace.
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W.D.Y.W.F.M? by The Neighbourhood

983695_464797583604857_2088889619_nI’m gonna write this review on a pretty, pretty brand new alternative rock band after a long break. Although I still feel the apparent lack of energy to do posts everyday like I did weeks ago, a stunning band which seem to make not only rock music but also some nice hip-hop and rap dressings as well, and I guess this is also apparent from the picture on the right. The Neighbourhood consist of (from left to right) Zach Abels (guitar), Bryan Sammis (drums), Jesse Rutherford (vocals), Mikey Margott (bass guitar) and Jeremy Freedman (guitar). Now don’t let the British spelling of “The Neighbourhood” fool you; they are actually based in Califournia. Or California as we all know it.

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